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Good Morning.  (Or afternoon or evening or middle-of-the-night, depending on the time of day you're reading this.)  It's my favorite time of day.  I've probably been awake since 5:30 or 6, vaguely wishing I could go back to sleep because it's so early.  But I know I won't/can't.  I haul myself out of bed to head downstairs to the best part of the day.  Yes, I've written about morning before.  You can read about it HERE

I can't remember how long it's been since I was a morning person.  I'm thinking it coincides with the birth of my children.  I know I used to "sleep in" and couldn't imagine rolling out of bed before dawn.  Since the little turkeys have come along, my sleep has forever changed. I'm sure most parents can relate to this, unless you're lucky enough to have a child who sleeps a lot.  I was not one of the lucky ones.  After a number of years of kids getting up early, I think I just finally gave in and became a morning person.  For the record, I also stay up until about 11.  I'm the last one to bed and the first one up.  Thus, my need for naps.  

Now my kids sleep in.  Mostly.  There are occasional days when a little person rolls out of bed before they're supposed to and comes down to break the silence of the morning.  Of course now that school is in session this happens Monday through Friday.  It throws off my morning mojo a bit, but it's not so bad.

Most of us fall into being morning people or night owls.  Some of you, weirdly, are afternoon people.  Whatever works for you.  For the afternoon and night people, the following list probably won't make a whole lot of sense to you because it's not your time of day.  I'd love to see your list of "why nighttime all day is a great idea".

Back to mornings.  Here's why my day would be great if morning was all day:


  • It's quiet.  As I've gotten older I don't appreciate noise as much as I used to.  I love the stillness and lack of sound.  (Except for the coffee pot doing it's thing.  That's a perfect noise.)  I don't want to hear tv, talking, barking, or anything, well noisy in the early hours.  
  • The whole day promises a fresh start.  No matter how the day before ended up, the morning is a starting over.  I love a clean slate with the chance to turn the day into anything I want.  I would love to feel "fresh" all day.
  • I have energy.  Yes, there might be caffiene involved but the energy usually lasts until after lunch.  It's my most energetic part of the day.  I'm envious of people who seem to have energy all day.  I'm sure there's a diet/supplement/exercise/healthy something to give me energy all day.  *must investigate*
  • I feel motivated and productive.  This is my time of day to get things done.  I can turn the house upside down and put it back together in the span of a morning.  Imagine what I could get done if I felt that good all day.  If it doesn't get done in the morning, there's a good chance it will have to wait until the next morning.  
  • Mornings are beautiful.  When's the last time you saw the sunrise?  I see a bit of it most mornings.  Sadly, when we built our house, we didn't face it toward the sunrise. Note to self: Make sure next house faces the right way.  Because the kids leave so early for school I get out walking by 7:30.  I love to walk by the water and through town and see everyone's day beginning.  Can you imagine if sunrise was all day (or sunset?)? Wouldn't that be awesome??  


I know mornings aren't for everyone.  If I had my way, I'd have morning and the feelings that come with it, all day long.  Tell me what you think.  Are you a morning person too?  Or do you have black out curtains and avoid the dawn hours like a vampire?  

Thanks for stopping by On My Own Nerves.  

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Deb Zavoyna

Deb is an award winning (won perfect school attendance several quarters in elementary school) blogger, wife, and mom. She enjoys talking about herself, her super cool family, and her dangerous, exciting escapades. In her spare time, she loves to read, cook (if it's easy), and weave baskets. Ok, she doesn't know how to weave baskets. But she does love to write and hopes everyone enjoys hearing about her excellent adventures.

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  • Antionette Blake

    Antionette BlakeAntionette Blake

    04 September 2013 at 12:58 |
    I am NOT a morning person - I LOVE sunsets - lol. Hopped over from Mommy Blogs. Have a wonderful afternoon.
  • Dawn


    09 September 2013 at 14:40 |
    Yes! I couldn't agree with you more! It is surprising to me that I actually choose to forsake sleep for a cup of coffee, and quiet, productive time...my favorite time is morning, too :)

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