i will hurt you if you tell me what happens on downton abbey

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I don’t really watch much tv.  When people post about awesome shows on Facebook or Twitter, I usually have no idea what they’re talking about.  I read People magazine every couple of weeks and find that I often don’t know who some of the current stars are.  Award shows?  Whatever one is for tv shows (and movies, for that matter), I don’t know who half those people are.  


I will confess, however, to knowing the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  Horrible trashy tv and I love it.  It’s a guilty pleasure.  


I also have the Today Show on in the morning and catch snippets here and there (when I’m not feeding my kids a delicious breakfast or reminding them to brush their teeth).  If I’m still around the house at 10am, Kelly and Michael comes on and I’ll check it out if I’m not immersed in laundry, cleaning, or blogging.  So I guess I do see some tv in bits and pieces.  Just not at night.  I don’t sit and watch it at night because:

  • I’m often not home.
  • The kids are around and there’s usually nothing we’d watch together.
  • I prefer to read.  I love reading.
  • I can't sit still.  (Except if I'm reading.  I don't walk around when I'm reading because that would be hard.)


So here’s what happened the other night (I promise this is going somewhere).  Greg and I were home alone.  Claire was balleting and Jenna was at a friends.  Being the exciting people that we are, we decided to make pizza (read:  put frozen pizza in oven.  You didn’t think I was making homemade pizza did you?).  We thought it would be fun to watch a movie.


I will tell you I rarely watch movies either.  Not because I don’t like them.  I just prefer to read or go to sleep.  Movies take too long.  And I’m home thinking and seeing all that I could be doing (cleaning), instead of watching the movie.  


On this rare occasion,  it was early and there were no kids, setting up optimal movie watching conditions.  So I started looking at Comcast On Demand for movies.  


And there wasn’t really anything that sounded good.  Since I don’t watch tv much, I don’t see a lot of movie trailers.  So honestly?  I wouldn’t have recognized a “good movie” title.  Nothing seemed worth wasting 2 hours of my life.


BUT.... I did see a tab for Downton Abbey.  The show everyone keeps talking about. I may not be “tv and movie aware” but I’m not dead.  I had heard good things about this show.  I think it won some awards too.  I asked Greg if he’d be willing to give it a shot and he was game.  


Special note:  Greg and I don’t watch tv together much at all.  Like once a year.  I’m not kidding.  He prefers the golf or hunting channel.  Or something with stock market stuff.  Yawn.  So this was HUGE that we were actually going to watch a show together.


So we started watching.  And Greg starts talking and asking me questions during the show.  (He does this at movies too.  It’s endearing.)


Me:  DUDE.  I have no clue what’s going on yet.  This is  the first time I’m seeing this too.  Stop talking!


30 seconds later, he’s asking another question or making another comment.




You’ll be happy to know, despite Greg’s chattering, we managed to make it through the first 3 episodes of Downton Abbey that night.  Anddddd...... We loved it.


I’m hooked.   I couldn’t wait to watch more.  In the past two days I’ve managed to watch all of Season 1 and I’m part way through Season 2.  (Who cares about laundry, cooking, and cleaning?)  Greg is (sadly for him) traveling all week and won’t be able to catch up until this weekend.  


I am not waiting for him.  I can’t stop watching!  I’m determined to make it through to the end of Season 3 without anyone spoiling it for me.  


Which brings me to my main point.  I will HURT you if you tell me anything about what happens in Season 3.  People who post spoilers on their Facebook walls suck.  So don’t do it.  I’ll be pissed.


I will tell you I appreciate all of you who talked about what a great show it was so I would want to watch it.  Thank you for saying that much.  I do love it.


So when I’m done Downton Abbey, what do I HAVE to watch next?  This is cramping my reading time, so it has to be a really good show.  I am still reading a book too....Dark Places by Gillian Flynn (she wrote Gone Girl).  It is super dark and creepy but very well written.  


Anyway, remember I will HURT you if you tell me anything about Downton Abbey except that you love it.



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  • Karen


    20 February 2013 at 06:29 |
    Did you get to the part where..... :) Love that show!!! I jist startwd watching it a few months ago (and caught up in a matter of days). Finished season 3 a few weeks ago and I'm so sad I have to wait for season 4.

    Other shows I've found lately (and well after everyone else) are Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead. Both are kind of....opposite of Downton Abbey, but so, so good!
  • Cari


    20 February 2013 at 07:59 |
    Right there with ya! Haley and I just started season 2. Totally hooked!!
  • Barbara Snyder

    Barbara Snyder

    20 February 2013 at 11:58 |
    Oh, this is just too funny! I was at my sister's house 2 weeks ago and discovered Downton on her On Demand. I watched all the way to episode 3 of season 2. Can't wait to get back to her house to continue watching. I heard one spoiler, but supposedly Season 3 ends with a real shock. I'll bitch slap anyone who tells me what happened.
  • Joell


    20 February 2013 at 16:22 |
    I LOVE Downton Abbey!! Love love love. I got hooked this season too. Caught up on Seasons 1 and 2 in about two days. I was like a crazy woman. Which brings me to my new addiction now that Downton Season 3 is over...The Walking Dead. I know. I can't even believe I watch it. But I am totally obsessed. Seriously. It's sad.

    I don' t like spoilers either. I accidentally found out (my own fault, no one else spoiled it for me) a couple of things that were going to happen on Downton this season before they happened. And I was really bummed. So I hear you on wanting to hurt someone who spoils it for you...in my case, I needed to hurt my own self. LOL. Oh well.
  • shelly


    20 February 2013 at 16:55 |
    you know I love it girl! And my husband is catching up to me I can't wait till I can talk with him about . Like you he will kill me if I tell him what's going to happen. I don't know wthat to do now that I've seen all of season 3. Wait
    till season 4. Bloody Hell !
    • Deb


      25 February 2013 at 09:43 |
      You're one of the reasons I started watching it! I kept seeing your posts about how awesome it was! Greg's trying to catch up to me. I'm ready to start season 3!!
  • Lori Dehner

    Lori Dehner

    25 February 2013 at 08:38 |
    I LOOOOOVE the show and my 12 year old started watching with me last night. I finished season one- bought season #2 on "on demand " yesterday and watched 4 episodes. The rest of my week will be devoted to finishing season 2 and then onto 3! Cant get enough!!!
  • Heidi Williams Shorter

    Heidi Williams Shorter

    25 February 2013 at 21:34 |
    OMG! My kids Christmas presents almost did not get wrapped this year because I was trying to catch up before season 3 began last December! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Not real sure now how I am going to wait 10 months for season 4!

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