It's Funny Friday 10.18.13

Written by Deb Zavoyna on Thursday, October 17 2013 Posted in Funny

Let's lighten things up  and have Funny Friday!  (Yes I changed the name from Friday Funnies.  Keeping it fresh!)  Here's the best pins from Pinterest for the week.  Tell me your favorite.... 



What was she thinking?   




 Poking on Facebook is stewpid.  Don't even think about poking me.




17856e92a737ebb3c02b17a2dd07c9d9 Well now we know where Waldo is.





 This sounds familiar.




 Favorite food.  Favorite wrapping paper.  Must get.




 If only I had an office.....





 And candy.





I think I'll pass. 




 Wow.  Is it really that hard?



cee60b54b2c528dbd66640fe7bc9b963 You can do it...




Funking loads day after day. 




I will never eat you Ducktato! 




Isn't it?





Well we know how I feel about selfies.  

Would they all be in the bathroom?





I heart Mr. Right.





So THAT's what happened to the dinosaurs.....



b20cb27085684939d07bb6c8d4a9452b So gross it's funny.  You're welcome.


Mr. Right Angle has my vote!  Share with a friend.  Have a wonderrrrrfulll weekend!!  Thanks for coming by On My Own Nerves. :)

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  • Angela Shipp Carter

    Angela Shipp Carter

    18 October 2013 at 18:00 |
    I vote for the Dino's.......

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