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Written by Deb Zavoyna on Tuesday, September 03 2013 Posted in Bizarre, Funny

Ever heard of Candy Crush?  Seriously.  Who hasn't heard of the game where you pulverize candies?  Anyone?  Anyone?  Are you playing it?  Played it?  Never going to?

I actually heard about Candy Crush (CC from now on) a while ago.  I even played it a while back but didn't get hooked.  You see, I played (play) this other game called Bejeweled Blitz (we can call it BB from now on, if you want.) that I thought was better than CC because it's fast and fun and all that.  I tried CC and felt like it was too slow and didn't crush fast enough and I didn't get why people would choose CC over BB.  And so I didn't play it anymore and took it off my phone.  I sniffed that BB was better than CC and CCers were dumb not to realize that BB is the better game.  Got that?

Let me back up a sec.  For those of you scratching your noggins saying "what in holy heck is she talking about?",  here is a brief explanation.  Both CC and BB are games you can play on your phone or online.  You match of rows of candy or jewels to make special candies or jewels and try to smash the heck out of everything to get a high score and/or pass on to  the next level.  Just writing what the game is makes me feel crazy.  It sounds as kooky as it is. You can check out both these games on Facebook or Google Play Store or the Apple Store or just Google them and you'll find them.  

Ok, so let's flash forward to last month.  I went on vacation with my family.  My niece, Madelyn, was playing CC and encouraged me to try it again.  I sat with her and asked "Why is this better than BB?  Why is this fun?  I don't get it."  She patiently held my hand (Not really. She's 12 and too cool to hold my hand.) and explained about the levels and the goal to beat the levels and how you try to get candy combos etc, etc, etc.  Ohhhhhhhhhhh.  The goal isn't supposed to be fast (unless that's the goal of the level).  It's to do what the level tells you to do.  I'm sure you understand what I just said if you're a CCer.  If you're not, please bear with me.

A couple of things to note about CC that I think are important.  

The CC characters and little vignettes within the game are creepy.  Like really disturbing. Are they going for cute?  Whimsical?  The illustrations used are nightmarish and bizarre.  I try to just-focus-on-the-candies.  But between levels?  Dancing puppets?  What IS that? Here's a picture of the weirdness.



 Creepy characters I tell you!




Split tri-screen of game and weirdo characters




 What's with the super stretchy arm dude?




 See?! This game is trying to scare me!



images-16 One of my favorite candies.  Very zappy.




 Um.  I may or may not have prayed this.  Smack me now.




 Could I end up here one day?




 Or maybe I'll just go with my addiction.  And tell the world.  

By wearing these pants.


Some other things to note about CC and me.  Basically I just move from one stuck level to another.  True, some levels I pass on the first try.  But some take DAYS.  I've been told some take weeks or months or you all just give up.  Me give up?  Not happening.  If I'm anything, I'm persistent. 

At a certain point in my addiction I would advance the clock on my phone to get 5 more lives.  Yes.  This is cheating.  And I'm sorry.  I don't do it anymore.  I wait patiently or beg you for lives if I'm really desperate.  (Ok I might be desperate.  Sorry for all the requests for tickets or lives.  Just hurry up already!)  I'm not saying I'll never change my clock again.  I'm just saying that right now I'm going to be content with the lives I get every day on the computer and my phone.  

I have never bought a power up.  THAT feels like cheating.  Although I HAVE bought a ticket to the next level cause you all take so long to send me one.  I'm working on my patience with that too. 

I'm not gonna tell you what level I'm on 'cause I'm writing this on Wednesday and I'm going to post it Thursday and hopefully I'll be at a different level by tomorrow.  Maybe I'll even tell you what level I am tomorrow in the comments.  Let's just say I'm not to 200 yet.  And there's 400 and some levels? I may never read or watch tv again!  Or clean.  Or cook.  Or take care of my children.  

If you've quit because you're stuck, pick yourself back up and get back to playing!  If you are still playing, keep up the great work.  And if you haven't played yet?  What are you waiting for?!  Don't tell me you're worried you'll be addicted.   That is no fun.  Join the party!!

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